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Thread: Bathtub Install With Mortar

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    Default Bathtub Install With Mortar


    I'm replacing the bathtub/shower in two bathrooms. I'm to the point where I'm installing the tubs and I plan to use mortar underneath.

    This is the tub I'm using in both bathrooms: Home Depot

    This is the mortar I'm using: Lowes

    Tub 1 is installed and is perfectly level with mortar and a ledger; however, when I stand in the tub, it has a very slight flex to it and you can feel that there is a tiny gap between the tub and the mortar. This is already the second time I've installed it, so I'd hate to make it a third. (I removed the tub and mortar from the first try and did it again because the tub had a little wobble)
    So should I redo it again? I had to redo the plumbing for the drain and everything is lined up perfectly...

    I plan to do Tub 2 this weekend and wanted to confirm a few things before I try...
    1. Is the mortar I'm using a good choice?

    2. What consistency? I've seen people in forums say slushy, but not to the point where it runs. I've seen others say not too dry, but dry enough that you can form a ball that sticks, but won't leave water in your hand.

    3. On Tub 1, I removed the dampening/support/leveling pad that was stuck to the bottom of the tub. I realize this voids the warranty, but I'm not sure if the mortar idea would work with it on there? Do you have any suggestions as to whether I should leave this on or take it off? If leaving it on, what is the process of doing the mortar?

    Thank you,

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    You should not be going for 100% coverage. The mortar should be thick enough so that it will not slump on it's own. If it is too wet, is will shrink too much.
    A 3" tall pile for every square foot of surface area works good if the bottom of the tub has somewhere for the excess to go when setting in the tub.

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