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Thread: Alignment of Moen plaster ground (single handed shower faucet)

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    Default Alignment of Moen plaster ground (single handed shower faucet)

    In a "thin wall" shower installation Moen says the plaster ground should be flush up against the surround and serves to help support the valve. However, following instructions, I first roughed in the copper supply lines including the valve body. Like they say. I centered the lines in the 2X4 cavity. Now, of course the plaster ground stands proud of the studs and will block the surround end wall. So, I moved back the lines and now the ground is shy of the stud surface, but it will be loose when the escutcheon plate is screwed on and I don't see what function it will serve. I guess I could add some washers to tighten it up. Should I be worrying about this??

    When you call Moen you talk with a guy who is basically reading the instructions, not a plumber who has any experience with installation. There is another number to press if you a tradesman. That probably connects you with real help.

    There is also a useless video on the Moen website that cautions you to turn the water off before you begin.

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    (Talking to myself on this thread!): I think I've figured this out. The directions Moen supplies are for a replacement of an existing valve. I'm doing new work. I should have placed the valve body in the preferred position, plaster ground tight against outer surface of surround material, mechanism projecting 3/4 inch into the shower space, then plumbed the valve in that position. Valve first, then supply lines.

    I ended up keeping the lines where they are and using electrician's plastic spacers to bring the plaster ground up against the surround. Now everything seems OK.

    Throughout this project I have been tormented by poor and incomplete product directions and pleasant but unhelpful staff at the supplier.

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    To work on a thin wall installation, the hole in the surround must be smaller than the diameter of the plaster guard. Then, when you attach the trim plate, the plate pulls things so the wall of the surround is sandwiched between the plaster guard and the trim on the inside of the shower. If you're not using a thin wall installation, then you need to anchor the valve so that it is between the min/max so that the trim will fit. Now, some people prefer it closer to one end than the other, so it's best to mock it up first so you're not disappointed. A valve too far in the wall, the screws nor trim will fit. Too far out, no fix except move the valve back.
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