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Thread: 3" Spigot offset closet flange?

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    Default 3" Spigot offset closet flange?

    Hi All,

    I've been searching everywhere, and can't seem to find a 3" spigot (inside 3" hub fitting) offset closet flange anywhere. Does anyone make such an animal? The closest thing I've found is the Sioux Chief 45 degree one, but that doesn't work for my install, as it required a side inlet closet ell...

    I have a very tight setup, the old cast iron that was replaced had a specialty fitting, kind of an extended 4" closet ell with (2) 1.5" side inlets picking up the lav and shower. Replacing this with PVC required going down to 3" with a bushing, pulling the lav through a 3x1.5 wye and the shower through a side inlet closet ell. This still left me at about 13" rough (which is ok), but the side to side location of the toilet is off by about 2 inches from where I want it (and where it needs to be by code). So I'm trying to go off the top of that closet ell with an offset flange, pushing it a couple inches to the left and maybe half an inch or so back.

    Problem is, it was a tight install and I didn't have room to keep the closet ell low enough to have fall and still fit a standard 3x4 offset flange in on top of it, so I thought I could get a 3" spigot offset, but no such luck so far. Other possible option would be a 4" hub offset flange, if such a thing exists, as this will glue up over top of the 3" hub, but that seems less preferable.

    Are there any such fittings available? If so who makes them, do you have part numbers, where to get them, anything? If not, any other ideas? its already plumbed in as described above, and after 2 days of looking at it with a couple of plumbers, we couldn't come up with any better arrangement for what is there.


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    Pick up a 4x3 spigot closet bend and a standard 4" hub closet flange to go over that. I almost always use this fitting when replacing a lead bend and the back fitting is tight to the flooring.

    Then to offset the toilet 2"
    Pick up a Caroma toilet with the 270 bowl. This allows you to offset by 2" side to side.

    Or............since you now have a big hole to work with now, you can smudge any bowl over to the side, and use a red ring flange repair to recenter the bolts over the hole. Most bowls have a 2-5/8" horn and you will have 4" to drop it into. That lets you push it 1-3/8"

    Or really the cool way is the 270 Caroma bowl, and that straight up gives you 2" side to side.
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    Thanks for the thoughts Terry!

    The replumb is already done, other than the flange. I needed a side inlet elbow, so as far as I know, a spigot end is not available with the side inlet. With how much was going on in such a tight space, I don't think there was any other remotely legal option besides how we did it. But that leaves us with a 3" hub about 3" below finished floor.

    So I have to do either a 3" spigot fitting of some sort, or a 4" hub fitting over the top of the 3" hub. Unless I'm missing some other option I'm unfamiliar with...

    Didn't know about the Caroma, will check into that. Thanks for the tip.

    Anyone know if a 3" spigot offset flange or a 4" hub offset flange exists? Those two options would be the easiest solutions given my current situation, unless I'm missing something...

    Even with an offset flange, I may do the Caroma thing to pick up a little more, as I still won't be centered in the opening with just the offset flange, just better than existing and at least very close to legal (I think it will give me 14.5" to center, it was uncomfortably close to the wall before).

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