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Thread: Jamie's new CD is on iTunes now. Days Like These

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    Default Jamie's new CD is on iTunes now. Days Like These

    Jamie's new CD


    Jamie's day job is working with his father (me), and this is his evening and weekend job.

    Highly Recommend!!
    by NWCZ Big DThis is a great band made up of very cool guys. They have stellar sound and are a band that has what it takes to go far and reach a wide audience along the way. I can't recommend this CD enough and be sure to get out and take in a show! They are fun to watch and their grooves keep the party going!

    by Thatguy134853168953238854I went to the bands show last night in Fremont and wow. Great show. Bought the album and can't stop playing on repeat. A must buy for music lovers.

    by rstrikerThese guys are great! Album is really good and they are amazing live.

    Last week we were in Canada while Jamie's band Longstride played the main stage at the Whistler Ski & Snowboard Festival.
    After seeing the performance, the Longhorn Bar and Grill wanted them to come back and play there.
    Some of the future dates will be at:

    Anacortes Water Front Festival
    Bite of Seattle
    Freemont Fair
    Taste of Tacoma
    Symetra Bellevue Family 4th
    Bellevue Live at Lunch concert series
    Vancouver Wine Fest
    Vancouver Brew Fest,
    Music in the Park, Olympia
    Harbor Days, Olympia, WA
    Kirkland Uncorked


    On the main stage at Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada

    This is a very slow link, but it shows the first half of the Whistler Show.

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