The fact is Iím not too proud to show my ignorance. I must have changed out a whole bunch of these $20 Lowes faucets over the years in my rental units and boats, but this one has me stumped. It started when the hot water would come out for a microsecond and then stop, even with the faucet wide open. I shut off the water to the faucets under the sink and figured it was the faucet itself. I took the plunger apart, cleaned everything and put it back together, same result, no hot water.

I disconnected the water lines to the faucets, removed the entire faucet assembly and replaced it with a brand new $20 unit, connected everything, turned on the water valves and voila-- same problem with the new faucet!

Logically, this leaves two potential bad-boys, a bad on/off water valve, or a defective faucet unit. I did crack the water valve a bit while it was disconnected and water came out.

Color me stumped! Any thoughts?