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Thread: hello from the motor city with a question (2nd floor bathroom leak)

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    Default hello from the motor city with a question (2nd floor bathroom leak)

    house built 1946
    i have troubles-

    i havent used the upstairs bathroom(toilet, tub, sink in about 5 years) but have kept water in the traps by filling once per month.

    i replaced the toilet but while doing so i happened to run water in the tub which proceeded to run all the way to the basement bathroom following the drain line all the way.

    i let this dry while replacing the toilet and flushed the toilet with with the same results of water in the basement following along the drain line. enuff to puddle the floor

    i cant imagine the vertical drain pipe(stack) pipe corroding thru and i cant find diagrams to suggest the routing of the bathroom plumbing.

    i ask of any suggestions as to what might be leaking, the toilet and sink are next to each other with the tub drain running about 6ft diagonally across the floor


    i cant picture how they all tie in at the main drain and if it leaks with water coming from a tub run and toilet flush what part could be leaking

    note no leaks come from the main floor

    any suggestions would be appreciated. i know the walls or floor will have to be opened but what actual part of the plumbing could have sprung? how do all 3 tie in to the main?

    thanks a heap.
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    It could have been done many ways

    It may be that the tub trap or waste and overflow are leaking. That's where I would look first.

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    From the age of the home you may have some lead drain lines serving the tub and toilet that need replacing.

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    IF it is cast iron, it could have split because it was not used for a long time. That would cause both of your symptoms.
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