I should preface this with: first time posting. Hello! and sorry if there is a similar post around. I couldn't find it with 10min via search queries. Don't have a lot of experience with this stuff, but it's not above me to do it.

I want to install two different shower heads off of the original shower pipe that comes out of the wall. Guy at store called it a shower nipple?
My fiance doesn't like my high pressure shower head, and she wants a rain shower head. So what I want to do it remove my existing high pressure shower head, and attach on a diverter/Y-adapter etc (thats where I need help) that can allow me to attach a rain head (that has its own arm extension so it can aim more vertical), and then attach my high pressure shower head to the other male threading. I was hoping to be able to control which shower head would be in use. I assume the pressure would be too low (since it would be same pipe) if I used both at once.

Are there any simpler options to do this? or do I just need to throw out my shower head to make her happy till I can afford to do a master bath renovation.
Much Thanks/anyquestions?