Hello and thank you in advance to any guidance and advice you can provide on this...

The house is ~50 yrs old . Up untill recently the utility room located in the basement(below grade) had old-ish type top-load washer. It was draining fine. We recently replaced the washer with the bran new front loader. The standpipe which im attaching a picture of below overflows whenever we do a large load spurting water out of 1" inlet pipe. Judging by the configuration of the standpipe my thinking is that it's not the diameter of the standpipe itself that's unable to cope with additional flow but rather the ptrap placement and its inlet pipe which is smaller in diameter. Ptrap seems to be placed unusually high. The only thing i noticed when i removed the old exhaust hose was that it was really "tight" in the inlet pipe making it sort of "closed system." The new exhaust hose fits rather loosely. Would it be advisable to install one of those compression adapters(DESANCO fittings) onto an 1" inlet pipe connecting washer hose to that which would make it "close system"? The standpipe has been draino-ed and snaked and as mentioned earlier there are no flow issues with smaller loads. Are there any changes I can make to the stand-pipe to accomodate additional flow?
My wife advocates installing utility sink to alleviate drainage problems. Could i simply use standpipe as a rough-in for utility sink connection? Then we could simply drop the washer hose into the sink and let the excess water drain in its own pace. If i go that route, would the sink have to be vented? could i use one of those AAVs/cheater valves as running a separate vent to the roof seems really daunting and beyond something i can do on my own.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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