About 5 years ago, my optometrist said she could make my vision no better because I was developing "macular pucker with epiretinal membrane" in both eyes. In different terms, it is like the "film" at the backs of my "cameras" had begun bulging forward while being covered by cloudy, wrinkled tissue...and that makes telephone poles look like vertical snakes while making all things distorted and fuzzy. Two weeks ago, the corrected vision in my left eye was 20/70, and the corrected vision in my right eye was 20/100.

Three days ago, a great doctor who is a true artist went inside my right eye and removed the membrane, floaters and vitreous fluid, then did a little laser work and filled my eye about halfway with some kind of fluid...and that left an air bubble to push the retina and macula back to flat as I remain face-down for a week. Right now as I look down, it is like looking through a cloudy fish bowl, and I can see the fluid level at the center of my vision when I look straight forward. Two days ago, I could see nothing but a big blur, then my hand began to appear...and now I can see the creases in my palm and my length of vision and focus in my repaired eye has grown from 3" to 6". I see the doc again at the end of this week, and he and I are both quite optimistic about my future eyesight.

Sleeping face-down is a bit of a challenge, and I do that by placing my face in a catcher's mask to have some room for breathing while laying on a long tapered pillow!

Just wanted to tell somebody...