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Thread: Gerberit Wall Hung Toilet Rough-In

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    Default Gerberit Wall Hung Toilet Rough-In


    I've done several plumbing projects, but up to this point they've been all fairly straight forward in terms of drain layout and venting. This time, I am trying to plumb a wall hung toilet and I need HELP! I will be building a new 2x6 wall in front of an existing frame wall where the plumbing stack is already located. The toilet drain line will be located within a few inches of the existing plumbing stack. Because of that, the toilet drain line will need to bend away from the stack in order to get far enough away so that it can turn back toward the stack and connect to it with a sanitary tee. In addition, the line will need to be vented to an existing vent line. I've attached a diagram of how I think this might be done, but would welcome any guidance from those of you who are more experienced. I am under the 2009 UPC.

    Thank you for your help.
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