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Thread: Circuit venting question

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    Default Circuit venting question

    Hey guys, long time lurker, first post. Sorry for the terrible drawing, but im just wondering if this bathroom group is properly circuit vented, it one water closet, a tub, a shower and two lavs. The dotted lines are the vents. Any corrections are appreciated. Im in Alberta btw.
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    Would probably be easier to wet vent everything upstream of the toilet, providing you have room for a 3" pipe. Run 3" upstream of the toilet, all the way to the double tee wye of the 2 basins. A 3" wet vent serving a toilet can take up to 8FU (fixture units). Bathtub (1.5) + shower (1.5) + 2 basins (1 each) = 5FU

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    run a 4" trunk line, up to the 4x3 y with 3" stubbed up in the wall between the sinks. with a 3" vent
    and bring a 3" stack vent up in the toilet wall to serve the trunk line revent the 3" sink vent back into the 3" vent stack

    disregard the 2" on the sink vent....supposed to be a 3
    i am assumeing this is a commercial bathroom
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