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Thread: Lighting placement for kitchen/living room?

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    Default Lighting placement for kitchen/living room?

    Hello, this is my first posting (and house) so be gentle

    As you can see from the pics, the lighting is ridiculous...and hideous. It's very dim and cave-like once the sun goes down...well, even before. Two track lights and a single 3-or-4" recessed over the sink. I want all these gone. I would yank the ceiling fan but with no central AC...so it will probably get used a bit in the coming months.


    Table (not even centered)

    I do plan on refacing the cabinets and drawers in the next few months, along with tearing out the pale blue soffit above them (I've crawled around the attic and it looks clear aside from the stove vent). Along with new door/floor/window moulding. Possibly new counters and a back-splash. And paint the room...

    The not-to-scale diagram has the switch layout on it. I don't know if these will be enough for the new lighting as I was thinking under-cabinet, two banks of dimmable recessed warmer LED's (kitch/living) and something over the table (with possible above cabinet lights after soffit/cabinet job). Honestly, wiring switches/dimmers and/or adding more of them is the only part I'm apprehensive about (mostly the 3-way which needs to be single). I've never done electrical aside from changing some outlets, but I've read through the "Black & Decker Complete Guide to Wiring 5 Edition" and skimmed through some code eBooks, websites and watched a bunch of videos. I have full attic access and the panel is just inside the garage against the living room wall with open slots.

    What do you guy/gals think, how would you light this kitchen/living room? (feel free to MSpaint on the floorplan!)

    Also, the ceilings are only 7.5'

    Pics from across each side of room:

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