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Thread: How to get well water to the house

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    Default How to get well water to the house

    I'm building a garage and will need to route water from the well to the garage. We had the well drilled and hit 200 gallons per minute. The well depth is 330' feet and the static water level is 105' feet. I really don't know how to proceed from this point on. We will live in the garage for a few years and will eventually build a house. I'm installing a solar pump that will be wired for A/C at first and will eventually be wired to also run off solar. I like the idea that I can switch from A/C power to Solar power. Anyway, I want to keep the max head as low as possible. But I don't know if I need a holding tank, or just a large pressure tank, etc. What are my options? I live at 7,000 feet with temperatures lows down to -30. I'm open to all suggestions.

    Here's the solar pumps that I'm looking at and their max heads.

    Model Number Type Max Head Max Flow PV Watts (Min-Max) Pump Diameter (Pipe Size)
    3 SQF-2 Helical Rotor 360 Feet 3 GPM 100-900 3" (1" NPT)
    3 SQF-3 Helical Rotor 600 Feet 2 GPM 130-900 3" (1" NPT)
    6 SQF-2 Helical Rotor 360 Feet 6 GPM 100-900 3" (1" NPT)
    6 SQF-3 Helical Rotor 820 feet 6 GPM 100-1400 3" (1" NPT)
    11 SQF-2 Helical Rotor 300 Feet 11 GPM 50-1400 3" (1-1/4" NPT)
    16 SQF-10 Centrifugal 210 Feet 20 GPM 400-1400 4" (1-1/4" NPT)

    Thanks in advance!

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    It would be helpful to know the pumping water level at say around 10 GPM...that's the most important piece of info for sizing the pump. Also, I've found it to be a lot cheaper to put together your own solar than to buy a solar pumping system. I've used the 3" Grundfos SQ pumps (not using the constant pressure controller). Given the fact that you have a good producing well, and also the very cold temps you have, I would avoid a holding tank. Look at pump curve for 5 sq05-270.... You can get this is 115 volt, that is very, very energy efficient...can be run with 1000 watt inverter and batteries, charged with a small panel array. Set this at 200' and put a 40/60 switch and 119 gallon pressure tank.

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