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Thread: Adding a tub drain to a toilet branch

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    Default Adding a tub drain to a toilet branch

    Starting a new thread - was told that I shouldn't add this to a thread that had already been started. I am remodeling an old 2nd floor bathroom and want to put the tub on the same branch as the toilet. See the picture below.

    I want to put the toilet between the tub and the tub drain. I was thinking of using a long sweep with a low heel inlet to connect the tub to the toilet and then the toilet to the stack. There is a separate vent line by the tub already, so that won’t be an issue. It is OK code in Kansas City. My question is whether this works well or not – I have read that if the toilet is not always at the end of a branch, low volume toilets tend not to get sufficient suction to pull waste all the way through the toilet’s trap. There really isn’t enough clearance to put a wye fitting between the closet bend itself and the stack Tee to connect the tub on the “dirty” side. Any thoughts?
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