Hi and thanks in advance for any help. I have a 17 year old McClean iron water filter that I want to replace. I could repair it but thought it might be a good time to get a new system before I get any older and things get harder to do. It has the air injector in line before a steel water tank. My well is 119 feet deep with 25gpm flow. My most recent test results are as follows: (before everything…raw)
Ph. 7.3 , TDS 200, Hardness 119.7, Iron 1.0, Manganese .05 ppm, Nitrates Not Detected, Sulfides Not Detected, Tannins Not Detected… just two of us in a small two bathroom house.
I know that a water softener would be an easy fix but I do not want a water softener. I just don’t like soft water. The manganese requires the ph to be increased to 8-8.5 which increased the hardness by some. That is for a birm system. With the air injector my gpm is 8. Have thought about going with filox but I’d have to take out the air injector and then I may not have enough dissolved air for it to work. I could use that air fleck type valve that puts air in the filter instead of brine. Also we live in an area where water is precious and I would feel kind of bad about using so much water.
One online company said with the air injection valve the birm would remove that small amount of manganese without raising the ph. I question that. Another company says that with their air injection valve I could use catalytic carbon. Another on line dealer said with their air injection valve I could use greensand plus without anything else. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim