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Thread: Installing a Bigger Sump Pit

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    Default Installing a Bigger Sump Pit

    Apologize if this is a wrong forum but I was googling sump pumps and kept being drawn to this site.

    My wife and I were wanting a water power back-up sump pump. We called for some estimates and had two contractors tell us we should get a bigger pit (only getting 10% of what we should in there one said). The price was OK and not an issue but part of me wonders why mess with something that is working.

    We have been in the house a year and never had water in the basement and the sump goes off infrequently (mainly after a heavy rain but I think it is more due to badly sloped area around foundation).

    Is there anything to worry about installing a bigger pit? He pitched it as being able to pump the water table under the house better so it doesn't pool beneath the floor or run up the foundation walls/freeze.

    Any thoughts are appreciated

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    A decent size pit is 24" across, as an 18" pit makes a duel pump setup very challenging. Pumps are made to run, and the constant cycling on and off that can be common in a pit that is too small is hard on the pump motor and wears out the switch.

    In your case, I would suggest taking care of your gutters and downspouts, making sure that no water is being deposited within 10' of the foundation, and piped to the "downhill side" whenever feasible. As you mentioned, the grade surrounding the home should also be pitched away from the home. Taking care of these things can be a huge step towards keeping a dry basement while minimizing the need for a sump pump that runs overtime.

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