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Thread: Toilet seats

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    Default Toilet seats

    Wonder if I can find a toilet seat that's similar to the one on my former toilet...

    It wasn't light plastic or super-shiny. It had more of a solid weight to it (not sure what the core was made of. was wood a common material 20 or more years ago?) and a fairly matte white finish.

    Any recommendations?

    And has anyone used a bamboo toilet seat? I saw one online.


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    Most seats are painted wood. Any hardware store will have more than a dozen to choose from.

    Round (Regular)

    Painted wood
    Finished wood
    Slow closing hinges
    Quick release hinges for cleaning

    Cheap $4.99 seats that annoy
    Nice seats that last with slow close hinges
    Bidet seats that are warm to sit on, have warm water wash and warm air dry with built in deoderizer.
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