We live in a subdivision that initially put in septic tanks and then decided to run city sewage. So we have a tank, but instead of a drain field we have a central pump that pumps from our tanks. Im not sure how often it does this. Our problem is that our tank is up to the covers. Its just My fiancee and I. I have grown up in houses that we had septic tanks. I have dug up and installed new drain fields, I have been around having to dig up the lids to have them pumped. I know that usually if your tank is full, you have a drain field problem. We noticed water coming out of the inspection pipe between the house and the tank. contacted the owner of the subdivision and was told that the tank just needed pumping and that was that. I feel that the problem lies on the outgoing side of the tank tho. Not sure how to go about this. Yes, I can pay $250 to have it pumped, but Im not sure this is my main problem. The full tank is the problem from there being a different problem. Looking for some input from people who would know what the problem may be or how to go about having the problem fixed? Dont know if I should pay to get it pumped then have the owner of the subdivision check out their end? Looking for advise. I am not trying to get out of paying for what is my responsibility, just dont want to pay for something because its the fault of somethingelse