Hey Ya'll,
We have a washer drain that keeps clogging. It was a yearly thing to rent a Home Depot electric auger for $60 to remedy the problem. Tried chemicals but they worked so-so. We have all but stopped putting food in kitchen disposal. And No grease. Now it is clogging more than once a year and it is getting aggravating and costly. Not to mention cutting into my fishing time. I will post a picture of the set-up with hopes someone can give me some pointers. I can't figure out why and where it keeps clogging. Nothing but a minor muddy residue comes back on the auger cable. I tried running a hose down the roof pipe and sink with the clean out open and water doesn't come out. ??? That is what I call the "mystery area" between the sink and the problem washer pipe. I GREATLY appreciate any help you can provide! Sorry for my poor artwork! Thanks, Meekster
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