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Thread: How to fix shower p-trap?

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    Default How to fix shower p-trap?

    So while I was putting the floor back over the top of the shower drain, I must have broken the bond between the vertical pipe and the p trap.

    Is there an easy fix or do I have to tear it all out and rebuild?

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    Rebuild for two reasons..one because it's leaking and the second because it's an S-trap. The vent MUST come off the trap arm before that turns down. IOW, the pipe coming out of the end of the p-trap must be straight with a vent coming off of it before the waste can turn down.
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    Jad is correct, what you have there is very much wrong. The trap must be vented by a vertical riser within the max distance specified by your code. The pitch of the trap arm cannot exceed 2% between the trap and it's vent.

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    You CANNOT break the "bond between the riser and the P trap" unless it was a very poor joint in the first place, in which case it, and any others done the same way should be replaced. And, replaced with the proper slope and fittings.
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    Can you provide a photo of what the plumbing looks like a little further downstream??
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