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Thread: Hole through poured concrete foundation

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    Default Hole through poured concrete foundation

    At some point, I'm going to have to get two holes through my poured concrete foundation for a power vent (two pvc pipes) on a new boiler (3" pvc). The wall is probably about 6" thick, and there is the risk of hitting some rebar (hard to tell exactly where it is for sure). What do you use for this? And where do you get it? Is it likely to be cheaper to pay someone to cut this than buy the tool I probably won't use again? Any idea what that would cost?
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    I would rent a core drill and bit.

    These drills/bits are readily available at any rental center (maybe even a Big Blue/Orange).

    Check that the voltage/amp required to operate is readily available - a 30A 240V extension cord may be needed.

    A garden hose to supply water to the bit (keeps it cool and also minimizes dust) may be required also - depending on model available.

    You'll probably want a 3 1/2" bit..or something slightly larger than the 3" PVC/ABS OD.

    You'll be done in no time at all.

    Hitting the rebar is of little concern for such a small hole....but if you are concerned....

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