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Thread: Where it the World is Ballvalve ?

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    American's think they are voting for the person they want but in fact, your just being given a narrow choice between two candidates the media wants.
    It's been years since we had a televised debate with parties other then the mainstream two.
    And then it was clamped down on. Almost like someone with lots of money decided that there were certain issues that would no longer be discussed.
    Some of the discussion is pretty out there now. It's almost like they want us fighting over nothing, or to me it seems like nothing.
    Many of the issues should be personal choices. My life is complicated enough without worrying about what my neigbors are thinking or doing in their off hours. If you want to hunt, then hunt. If you want to plant trees, do that. If you want to go to a church, do it, but don't expect others to be there with you.
    Some of those things were considered basic freedoms at one time. And it's nobody elses business anyway.
    I do like a quiet neigborhood after 10:00 PM. That makes me happy. And I like to hike in the Summer and ski in the Winter. It doesn't take much to make it a good day.

    We used to do some farming on the Eastern part of the state in the 70's. That was a challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry View Post
    I do like a quiet neigborhood after 10:00 PM. That makes me happy.
    Just after 10pm eh? I moved out into the country to a house that sits 600 feet back behind trees from a lightly traveled dirt road because I like quiet. I can occasionally hear a Harley out in the distance if someone cracks the throttle but other than that, its mostly song birds, chickens, and my dog. (and sometimes the wife)...

    Its quiet, private, and I can do pretty much anything I want so long as the debris field stays within a 1/2 mile.

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    Update on Ian and I.... we finally tired of all that reggae and young girls in grass skirts. The Tequila was starting to make us forget which way to turn a pipe for in's or out's. Decided to head for Kiev, where I have an ex-wife with a little country home - luckily well outside the main square. So now its Vodka, and Slavic girls with fur hats a good part of the year. But it's a Dr. Zhivago life at its best moment! We are changing out the Rusky shelf toilets for some Slovak fake Toto's, when not cavorting with those girls that wish to get out before Stalin [Putlin] moves in. Maybe Terry can add a link to you tube Beatles..... "Those Ukraine girls really knock me out!"[ATTACH]23933
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