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Thread: Dishwasher Air Gap

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    Default Dishwasher Air Gap

    Question for anyone:

    Due to the positioning of my dishwasher, garbage disposer & drain traps, the air gap on the deck of my sink is directly behind the GD, but the drain inlet for the DW is pointing to the left.

    As the 7/8ths hose from the gap to the GD is not very flexible I was wondering if there is another hose option. What I have will work, but it does fight back and I am concerned it may break the outlet on the gap. Or am I being to cautious?

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    Get a longer hose to releave the strain.

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    Good point. This is the third "Doh", Homer moment I've had with thisproject!

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    you can make 45 and 90 bends using 3/4 copper fittings. Stub an inch of copper out of each end of the ell. The 7/8" diameter is a perfect fit in the rubber hose. These fittings will have negligible effect on the flow, whereas a slight kink when making large turns in the hose is big trouble!

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    You might also consider using preformed (as in curved) automotive heater hose which should be available in the diameter you need. At least you won't have to worry about kinks.

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    I'm in Wisconsin. Are you aware of any code issues with using a 3/4 elbow? I still have a final inspection to pass. Thanks.


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