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Thread: Sump pits

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    Default Sump pits

    I just dug a sump pit and put in a liner.
    Talking with a "guy at work", he mentions that in addition to stones around the liner - I should put sand. I thought the sand would work it's way into the pit and eventually the pump. He said the sand will prevent a mineral build-up around the stones (that turns into a "concrete" effect).

    So, what say and why - sand and gravel/stone or gravel/stone alone?

    As always - thanks!

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    Default sump pit

    if you want your sump pit to fill up with sand

    go ahead and use it...

    I suggest you jsut put marble sized gravel around
    your pit

    then either take a drill and drill a lot of holes through

    the top half of this pit to let the water come through it...

    I have also used a skil saw and cut slits through
    the palstic before ,,,,, long cuts all throughout

    the top half of the pit works great to let the water
    come through b ut not the gravel

    sand will simply find its way through

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    I put in a liner made of galv. steel - came with many pre-drilled holes to allow water penetration...similar to the item on the right:

    I put in (so far) 42 cu. ft of rocks...need another 12 cu ft. The liner is about 30" deep, my hole is about 4' deep and about 2' x 4' . It's a pretty big hole dug through clay.

    The idea of sand didn't sit well with me.


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