Got a 1981 Kitchenaid dishwasher when they were still made by Hobart. Model KD-19. Finally wearing down but most parts discontinued !!!

Shaft seal needs replacing. Manual says I have to shim up the drain impeller using a "touch" and "clear" gauge their part number TL-91043 but the part is discontinued from the best part's place on the net that I have been able to find. They do have the seal kit though. But no shims.

How can I do this without the guage? It tells me "Limits of the seal height gauge are 0.606" to touch and 0.631" to clear." Not sure what I'm touching & clearing.

Then there is another gauge TL-91767 used to check the wash pump impeller height.

So the parts are adding up towards $100 and I can't get them all. Can't get the shims or gauges or some "bearing spacers" that go on top of the lower pump housing.

So can I adjust this thing to make it work right -- or should I not waste my time and just buy another unit? Probably the closest quality today would cost $800-$1000. This cost $550 in 1981...