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    Default heaven

    Tubby Smith dies and enters heaven where he is given his new home. When he looks out his front window he can see a palace on the hilltop across the street. it is all white marble and gold trim. An angel visits him and asks how he likes his house. He says, "It is very nice. What are the chances I can tour God's mansion up there on the hill top. The angel says, "That is not where the Lord lives. That is Rick Pitino's home".
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    When my son Jamie was playing basketball in high school, I bought an ad for the back page of their program, and put this page on my web site.
    Two things happened.

    1) Sammamish High placed 2nd in the State

    2) Later that year Rick Pitino came out with a book called "Winning is a success. I bought that book, and inside he had left in the sentence "Winning is a choice". The book is basically my back page ad, rewritten with examples and extended into book form.

    Winning is a Choice

    Winning in life means taking the current situation and doing the best you can with it. Winning means having no regrets later, knowing you did all you wanted to do, not leaving anything out of what could be your best effort. Assume that every action you take is as skillful as you imagine it to be. Let your thoughts create the reality of perfection. If mistakes happen, take this current situation and do the best you can with it.
    Every experience we have is a form of learning. Every question we ask, adds to our experience as humans. When we were small children, everything we saw, touched and tasted was a wonderful and new experience. We tried everything, to find out what it was for and what it could do. We mimicked our parents and siblings, repeating everything we heard. We ran, stumbled, got up, laughed and ran again. The most valuable asset we have is a curious mind, pushing us to find out how large our world can be. How large can our world be? When we compete against ourselves, learning, experiencing, pushing our limits, who knows.
    In a team setting, every individual on the team works toward making themselves the best they can be. Learning from each other, teaching new ones. In game situations, choices are made in the interest of the team, to get the ball to players with a special talent for scoring, maybe others are good at seeing the court, moving the ball, defending or rebounding. Every player brings a special quality to the team. (Terry Love)

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