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Thread: Larger ID/OD versus Smaller OD on Utility Pumps

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    Default Larger ID/OD versus Smaller OD on Utility Pumps

    What are the effects of running a larger or smaller OD hose relative to the the pump of the utility/sump/etc pump.

    For example, on a utility floor pump that usually has a 1 1/4 outlet . They also generally also include a 1 1/4 - 3/4 GHT adapter.
    Does running the pumping on 3/4" hose *kill the pump faster* due to the smaller restriction.

    I suppose the same question applies on let's say a sump with a 1 1/2 outlet on it. If I pipe 2" all the way on the outlet on the 1 1/2" sump, does this have any detriment to the pump

    In my application to the above statement, I am thinking about using/ordering a 2" flat discharge type hose instead of the 1 1/2 output that is on the sump. I'm using it for *dewatering purposes* so the sump is the perfect fit for the application...as it's not fixed. However, the 2" flat hose I see might be beneficial down the road if I end up adding a trash pump to my never ending collection of tools.

    Not the ideal setup, but basically I'll be using a utility *surface pump* to pump water into a tub, and I'll place the sump into the tub for faster removal. I did this during Irene ...with a 3/4 garden hose off the sump pump. The oultet on the Zoeller is 1 1/2. Not sure if there is a detriment/downsize or loss of distance/vertical height if I connect a 2" trash hose to it.

    The same goes for the utility pumps. It seems to suggest that using the smaller garden hose tends to kill the pump faster..
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