We are doing a bath remodel and there will be a drop-in air tub between a wall and a shower. The access panel for the motor has to be on the adjacent wall with the bedroom on the other side. I don't like the idea much. But since the the vanity cabinet will be in front of the tub on the motor side (blocking front access), and the motor is sitting on a piece of plywood almost the size of the tub (blocking access from the basement ceiling), I really have no choice. I might just put a chair in front of the panel to block the view.

But where should I put the access panel for the plumbing? I can either put it on the floor to be serviced from below, or on the front. From the plumber's point of view, which location will make servicing easier? The tub height is 24", plus 10" floor joist space, is it hard to reach the faucets from down below?

The tub is 32" wide, and the tub deck space is only 8" wide where the faucet sits. The shower glass panel will be sitting on this deck, and the shower will be all tiled in. Now I am planning to have the handheld positioned in the back (near exterior wall), and the tub faucet centered on the side (next to the shower). Will this make the front access panel useless should the handheld fail? If I bring the handheld to the front corner, will this block the access to the tub faucet using the front access?

As a side note, I need to put a grill on the basement ceiling for air to come in anyway. So is it better to just make the hole a little bigger for an access panel? In this situation, where is the best location for the air tub access panel, front or floor, or do I need both?