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Thread: Water system help (new)

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    Default Water system help (new)

    Purchased an old far house not to long ago and Being new to well water i wasn't sure how my water system should be filtered/softened. I ran across this forum on a search and read that it's best to get a full water test, so I did and now here I am. Currently we have a softer that came with the house. Looks like it was bought from Home Depot, but other then that its straight from the well.

    I have no experience at all with these systems, so any information will help. Would love to get the red stains, earthy smell out if the water.

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    Bypass the softener, sanitize the well storage tank and lines, and see if the smell continues. Your water test didnt test for Tannins which are common to an earthy smell. You may simply have some algae, or who knows what in your system. This is fairly normal and can be controlled easily if that is all it is. Have you done a thorough inspection of your well storgae/distribution system? The softener can also grow a lot of "stuff" inside, that is why I would recommend bypassing it during this testing to see if it is coming from the softener.

    Let us know what you find.

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