I recently purchased a home that was built in 1921. After about a month in the home, my toilet clogged, and unfortunately, I only have one bathroom in the house. I had Water Works out. Because of how small the bathroom is, they couldn't bring in the equipment to run a camera. The plumber was able to get some equipment in and he did clear the line. He stated that the pipes takes a number of turns and that it may be susceptible to future clogs. He suggested that I buy a power assist toilet.

The toilet I have now is a Delta 1.28 pgf and assume it's an inexpensive toilet. I paid $414 (or something like that) to have Water Works clear the line, so I really don't want to go through this again.

So I am searching the internet for advise on toilets. I'm a novice with toilets/plumbing and would appreciate any help. Looking for value - not sure I can fork out $500+ but might be willing to spend $400 or a bit more.

Some more details that I've been told come into play:

--it's a 12" rough-in.
--I don't know what the water pressure level is in the house
--as mentioned above, it's a tight area
--My contractor tells me there is no clean out
--I live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio - I see that shipping charges can be steep if buying online