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Thread: Shower stall replacement

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    Default Shower stall replacement

    I want to replace my shower stall. My current shower unit measures 46" wide. I can only find 48" units. I'm not sure I can find 2 extra inches when I remove the old unit. Has anybody run into a similar situation

    any ideas?

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    A shower can be made any size.

    If you want to buy a shower stall from a store, you have to chose from what they sell.

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    If you would consider going a little smaller,you might want to try showers by Maax.

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    I'm pretty sure that shower kits are measured the same way tubs are...from the rough-opening. You sure it's 46"? That being said, you can make or have made a tiled shower in any size as you wish (as long as it's above the code minimum 30x30" in the USA).
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