I purchased a Toto Drake with Sanagloss a few years ago and never got around to installing a water softener. The water from my well is very hard and comes out with a reddish brown tint. It stains everything with this discoloration and above the water line and particularly focused at the water line in the bowl, the Sanagloss is stained. The inside of the tank is hideous now, but I don't really care how that looks.

What is the best product for cleaning it and what sort of scrubbers should I use? Magic Eraser magically does absolutely nothing and is worse than a traditional sponge (what a waste of money that thing was). My septic tank is about to be replaced so I don't need to worry about ruining it.

What do you recommend for cleaning it? Do you think CLR will work? I've tried septic safe CLR in the past and it didn't do the job.

I hope the Sanagloss is not ruined and would like to use something that won't damage it.

Should I bother cleaning the inside of the tank as well? I don't know when I will be able to get the water softener installed.