I have a 1986 Gerber made toilet that was leaking from somewhere so I decided to replace all the tank parts. Still leaking afterwards I found the source from a hair line crack running down the side of the water tank. The only way it looks like it can be fixed is to replace the whole tank. The toilet bowl is in great shape and I am really hopeing to replace just the tank and not the whole toilet.

Home Depot and Lowes in my area have a large selection where you can purchase a tank alone. My question is, obviously the new tank may not match the bowl aesthetically, but can any one of these tanks fit my toilet without leaking? Or is every tank like a key where it can only fit the bowl it came with?

My Bowl has a 1.6 GPF requirment and half the tanks at HD are 1.6GPF let through as well. So Gallons per flush wise they match?

Pics if they help: Thanks

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