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    I've found your forum so very useful in the past and it has always been able to provide quite a bit of insight into various projects I was undertaking. I'm hoping someone will be able to offer some opinions on my current problem.

    The waste pipes in my house are cast iron, with the house being built in the late 1950s - I'm located outside Niagara Falls, Canada. I had a leaky toilet that I removed yesterday to find the source which turned out to be an old cast iron flange that had deteriorated. I cut away the rotten floor boards and completely exposed the pipe stack. Several pics are attached for reference.

    In the picture below you can see the piece of pipe that extends from the CI hub to the bathroom floor, which is lead, as it is very soft and misshaped, being almost oval now. I want to remove that piece of lead and change over to ABS. So I'm looking for a solution to get a 3 or 4 inch ABS pipe to sit inside the CI hub. You can see the CI hub in the picture and after measuring it, the ID is almost a perfect 5 inches with the OD diameter being about 5 7/8". I tried reading the stamping on the outside of the CI hub and it seems to say "3X4 1/4" with the name "LOCTITE" beside it. I measured the straight run of CI pipe that runs into the basement floor and the circumference was 10 5/8 which translates to an OD of about 3.4". So I'm unsure if this is service weight or extra heavy CI pipe.

    I was looking through your forums and found a similar problem that someone else had started a thread on (http://www.terrylove.com/forums/show...-Cast-Iron-Hub) and went to my local plumbing supply company to see about getting a fernco donut adapter but they had never heard of such a solution and recommended I remove all the cast iron in the house and replace it with plastic. I'm reluctant to incur that expense because the CI is not leaking and seems to be in very good shape, so why replace something that is working fine. He then called Fernco Canada who had never heard of the donut adapter even though it is on their website (http://www.ferncoconnectors.ca/plumb...e-pipe-gaskets). They are going to call their US office and see about getting me the specs and price.

    Right now I'm looking for some suggestions. This seems like a pretty easy fix if I can find a proper adapter. the new ABS I want to insert into the CI hub shouldn't be too complicated because it would be a vertical setup, not horizontal.

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