Hello all,

I am installing a toilet flange on top of a new tile floor in a half bathroom. Due to the way the joists are laid out under this bathroom I had to do a 10" rough in for the toilet. Its more like 9.5" to 9.75" rough in (if I jam the pipe all the way against the joist). I bought a Toto Carlyle II toilet with 10" unifit adapter based on recommendations from this forum. I am planning to do half inch thick pine trim in the bathroom with shoe molding. I am concerned that there will not be enough room for this trim behind the toilet. I have attached pictures. Here are my questions:

1) At 9.75" RO how much space behind the Carlyle will I have for trimwork?

2) I picked the 4x3 stainles steel/PVC toilet flange but I wasn't really thinking when I bought it. I guess if I picked a 3" toilet flange I may have actually reached a 10" rough-in. Now it is kind of late to go back to 3" toilet flange since i cut the hole in the tile for a 4" flange. Do you guys think the 4x3 flange I chose is a good pick or should I try to use a 3" flange?

3) How should I install the flange? I'm not really sure how to orient it. I am guessing where the bolts go should be facing left and right from the wall. I am planning to use diamond drill bits to drill the holes and use stainless steel deck screws to hold the flange down to the subfloor. Does this sound good?

4) How many screws do I need to put into the flange at a minimum for a good install? All 6?

5) Do you guys foam or caulk under the flange to fill the hole in the subfloor?

Thanks all.

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