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Thread: Well in Mountains

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    Question Well in Mountains

    When setting up a vfd on a well pump for a cabin in the mountains what would it take. I am wanting to install a system that could be ran with a generator only to supply a cystern with a level control to start the generator and then the pump. I want to control the start up from actually be hammered with the power supply. Also I was wondering if it would take a soft start. Any direction would be really appreciated.

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    You need to describe the pumping conditions, ie static water level, pumping water level, and flow, before we can give you any advice. You certainly do not need a vfd to fill a cistern, and depending on how much pump you need, you probably don't need any sort of soft start. As far as the generator, you will just need an auto transfer switch to get you off grid when it's down. If you don't have grid power, I don't think you'll be able to have any sort of auto starting feature, since the level controls will have to have power all the time.

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    This is the first one that came up on my search. There are other devices and generators set up to work off a pressure switch. With accommodations for a little time delay, a well pump can be operated from a generator which is started and stopped by the pressure switch.

    See this link;

    “If the user wishes to auto-start the generator from a separate pressure switch, level switch, etc.”

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