Kholsme, that looks very nice! I like the long white tiles. What material is the top of the seat? I think it looks neat. Is there any way to access the space under the bench from the other side of the wall? I would think that would be a cool place to store things. I think I've watched too much "Wasted Spaces".

Johnfrwhipple, thank you for the advice. Also thank you for showing the pictures. I never even heard of the liquid membranes before. I confess a lot of what I "know" about this sort of thing came from watching "Holmes on Homes" and "Holmes Inspection". I always see him using membranes that look like plastic. They don't always go into great detail on the products used though. I love that you constantly test things and adapt to find better techniques and materials. It's a sign of someone who truly cares about the quality of the end product and getting things done right.

A steam shower is not anything I would ever have in a home. I have no tolerance for steam because it makes me feel like I'm suffocating. I live in a very humid climate so I get enough moisture. LOL.