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    Hello, I'm planning an install for a water softener in my basement and want to make sure I can plumb in a drain properly. I have an existing drain pipe that currently handles a bathroom and washer that I want to tie into. I've attached a picture. I'm thinking I can just cut into this and install a p trap and standpipe for the softener drain. Does anyone see any problems with this? Any ideas or criticisms are welcome Thanks.
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    Remove the C/O cap and install a male adaptor and bush it down to 1.5". Install a short peice of pipe and a 1.5" san. T. You will come off this T for your trap and stand pipe. On the top of the T add a peice of pipe that will go 4" min., higher, than where the stand pipe stops and install a 1.5" female adaptor. Purchase an AAV (air admitance valve), teflon tape the threads and install it.

    You should have a 2" air gap between where the stand pipe stops and where the softner line discharges.

    If you needed to this whole set up can be unthreaded to snake the line.
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    Thanks Cass, I like it (no cutting the pipes). I tried removing the C/O cap the other day and it was stuck. I didn't apply a whole lot of torque to it because I was afraid something might snap. Is my fear justifed or should I just go for it? Maybe I should soak the threads with WD40 or something for as few days before I go at it? Thanks again.

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    WD 40 is not good for plastic parts.

    You might have to drill holes in it and cut it out.

    There are some jurisdictions which do not allow you to convert a cleanout to other uses. I'll never tell anyone you did it!


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