Adding a washer to a garage.
Installing plumbing in the garage is sometimes done after the home had been completed. In this instance, a 1959 home with a combination of cast iron and galvanized.
The previous homeowner had run thin wall PVC from the kitchen sink through the cabinets to the garage, and added some fishnet looking tubing that direction. All of this into the kitchen sinks 1.5" drain.
Looking in the crawlspace I was able to find a 2" cast hub which allows for bumping pipe size to 2". For the water supply, new 1/2" PEX lines, insulated in the crawl space.

The "Before" picture

The old drain connecting under the sink. The shutoffs were removed and replaced with new 1/4 turns, and a hot stop added for the new dishwasher to be added later.

This is the kitchen line that was also taking the washer's water too.

The previous 1.5" pipe was pulled from the hub, and the lead pried out.

The hub is now ready for a Fernco hub insert and 2" ABS pipe.

Adding about 12 feet of 2" in the crawl space, At the far end it connects with the new 2" pipe coming out of the 4x2 combo.

The "After" picture

A new standpipe in the garage with hammer arrestors on the washer supply.
The washer got a 2" cleanout for the end of the run.

And no, I did not do any of the electrical here.