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Thread: Blown-in Insulation into Existing Wall

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    Default Blown-in Insulation into Existing Wall


    My friend and I had a discussion if it would be also possible to insulate the interior and exterior walls with blown in insulation through the attice.
    Normally you drill holes into the walls in the rooms. Can holes be drilled into the walls from the attic too and fill it with cellulose blown in?

    Thank you

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    I think it is best to have an opening at both the top and the bottom of each stud bay, to make sure that it is being filled.

    I don't think anyone would try filling from the top because in most homes one would only have a few inches of space to work between the outer wall and the roof.

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    Would make sense. And of course on existing outside walls you have already some insulation bats in.

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    Balloon-framed houses without top plates are easy to retrofit with blown insulation. If you're drilling through doubled-up top plates you have to keep the holes small enough to not degrade structure, which means you won't be snaking in a dense-packing hose. (In stud bays with batts it's usually possible and recommended to dense-pack over them, for superior air-tightness.)

    But first things first, what materials are in the wall stackup, starting with the exterior paint, all the way into the interior paint? (eg: Brick / 1" air cavity/ rosin paper / plank sheathing / studwall cavity / lath / plaster / foil wallpaper)

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    Gotta know wall construction first before you change anything like Dana mentioned.

    If you change how the wall dries, the consequences can be disastrous.

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