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Thread: Sulfur Eliminator

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    Well at least those that don't know what they are doing or don't have the tools to work on them. I've never been a plumber, nor a driller. But I did a lot of plumbing to install my water treatment equipment and replace pressure tanks and pumps though.

    Many plumbers and drillers shouldn't touch water treatment equipment either.
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    Who wouldn't pay 400 to 600 dollars to get rid of the rotten egg smell? When other systems cost thousands of dollars and still do not fix the problem! Slusser if you have never actually used the product then how can you give your so called professional opinion? I have the Sulfur Eliminator installed on my well and it recycles 36 gallons of water a day within a 24 hour period. I have a standard size 20 gallon tank and I get appox 6 gallons of draw out of my tank. There is no more electricity used or pump wear and tear than me taking an extra shower a day. My old water conditioning system back washed more water than that every night. and if I had bacteria like e-coli the Sulfur Eliminator is not used for that anyway. I had a well guy run a camera down in my well. I have steel casing and my father has pvc casing. My casing look like it had a quarter inch think of iron and his pvc casing had a good iron residue. After having the product installed for over 2 years my iron problem has stopped. As it was explained to me from the owner of the company who is a certified well contractor and very knowledgable that my irons are getting trapped in the filter. this filter was special made for the product and I only have to replace it once a year. They even sent me an extra filter when I ordered the product. After having the product on my well he was 100% correct. I have recommended this product to many of friends which one of them lives in Fl. It took care of his problem also. So your theory about the deep south goes out the window! There are many "too good to be true" products on the the market but The Sulfur Eliminator is not one of them! This product 100% does what it says! It was the best $598.00 I ever spent. I wish I would have known about The Sulfur Eliminator before I spent $5300 on that other system!

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    Has anyone else tried the Sulfur Eliminator? I live in North Carolina and have the dreaded rotten-egg water smell. I've been managing it with bleach - a couple of cups every month. I've also set the heater to over 150 degrees a few times and shocked the hot water heater directly. But it keeps coming back and is getting worse. It's now in the cold water.

    I'm planning on giving the Sulfur Eliminator a try - seems like there's not much to lose. But the last thing I need is for it to over-tax my new pump. I'll definitely review it here, but would like to hear from more folks who've actually used one before installing one myself. (Sorry, Heart0610 - your post sounds a little bit like an advertisement, even if you are just a satisfied customer.)


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