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lol, trust me, I wanted to say I have a pencil and paper ready but I thought he would think I'm being too big of an ass. I did ask what he meant, though. Wonder if he replies. I was literally getting ready to order one from another site when he emailed me and told me that. Wtf.
I'd have to believe it is human nature kicking in. Perhaps they had some customer issues (for whatever reason) over the last year. Perhaps they had some returns due to the recent recall. People shy away from that which they do not know. I'd query a few different vendors and see what they say. If they sell 95% 5600SXT, and 3-5% 7000SXT but have had issues with the 7000 recently, I can understand them being more comfortable with the 5600. They don't see the volume of 7000SXT units that Mr. Dittohead appears to see. Frankly, from what Dittohead has written, I'd be more inclined to trust his experience.