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Thread: Diverter valve question

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    Default Diverter valve question


    My local plumbing store has provided me the following diverter valve: Delta R11000 and T11886, 3 port diverter valve.

    I will have a hand shower head and rain showerhead. So this valve works fine for that. Problem arises is that for local building code, if I have 2 showerheads on at the same time I need to upgrade the drain plumbing to 2" from 1.5" which is one expensive option for me to have to do...so it's not an option.

    If the diverter valve prevented both showerheads from being on at the same time then all is good. From what I can tell, the above valve does not have a shutoff; you either have port A, Port B or ports A & B open. Is there a way to use this valve to get a shutoff position between ports A and B so that the options are port A, port B, Ports A & B closed instead?

    If not, is there something else that I could use?


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    You SHOULD NOT be able to find ANY diverter valve with the option to close ALL the ports. In fact when you have multiple ports and do not use one, the directions ALWAYS say to connect the unused one to an active port and do NOT plug it. The reason being, since humans are inherently lazy, they will start turning off the water with the diverter valve instead of the control valve, which could then introduce all kinds of "weird" problems into the water system. Resulting in more questions here about why are they happening and how do you fix them. Whoever installed a 1 1/2" drain for a shower did not do you any favors because that was NEVER an approved installation.
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    Just talked to Delta this morning, they do provide a non-shared cartridge for the 3 position valve so that I can direct water to port 1 and then port2 without having Port 1 and 2 going at the same time. So that was easy.

    In the case with this Delta valve, Port 3 is not used at all unless you add in a 6 position cartridge. I'll be capping that one.

    I do understand your concern over the diverter closing at some point due to the crossover that could happen in the flow/temp control valve. But I don't have a choice. It'll have to be a learning curve for everyone not to shut off that way. Since we don't have one now, nothing to de-program.

    Concerning the 1.5" drain on the shower, that is code in my city for 1 shower head. 2" when you go to 2 shower heads.

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