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Thread: system Recommendations for well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Slusser View Post
    A pump only has to move water for the static water level but since it is at 200', I'd guess it was a 3/4hp but we don't know the gpm.

    Have you talked to the camera guy about iron causing corrosion?
    he said some corrosion on the casing witch is letting iron build up on the casing walls but no holes in the casing

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    If your water contains iron, the soluable iron is oxidized as the water pressure decreases and comes in contact with air and that causes rust to build up on the casing in the draw down area at the top of the water column.

    Lining the well will not stop that or stop the effect of your acid water. If it were me, I'd have the well cleaned (depending on the cost) and get a backwashed mixed bed AN filter and a water softener.
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