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Thread: Tear down & rebuild of Schaefer E-series

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    Default Tear down & rebuild of Schaefer E-series


    I recently had a septic system submersible pump replaced because it was not putting out the flow it should. The pump is a 1/2 hp Schaefer E-series 20 gpm.

    I just spent a solid hour looking online (including this forum) to see if I could find a "how to" for rebuilding the pump. Would like to have a spare in case the new one ever craps out (yes, pun intended...).

    There is no obvious way to disassemble the pump housing, and I'm stymied unless someone here has tackled this before. Realize it's a fairly small and cheap pump, but as Ben Franklin said, "a penny saved is a penny earned".

    Thanks in advance.

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    Very few small pumps are repairable these days. We call them throw away pumps. Madwe to last only a couple of years, then throw them away and buy a new one. Keeps the old wheels of commerce spinning. No sense in making things that will last anymore. We have become a throw away society and everybody is use to it. When everyone is searching for the lowest price, quality soon becomes unavailable.

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