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I bought Oasis Whirlpool tub several years ago. Due to health reasons I did not intall it. Now I am remodeling my bathroom and I want to intall it. I do not have the directions anymore. I contacted Oasis and they send me directions but they for a different model tub (mine is discontinued). The directions are for a tub that has no platform attached to the base. There is a platform attached to the base of my tub. The platform is as big as the ledge (lip) of the tub.
Do I need to put blocks under the base? If not, how do I shim it?Name:  100_0849.jpg
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Also, do I instal the drain first or do I frame the tub and then intall the drain? Any suggestions abut framing it? It will be set against two walls and I will build a wall in the frongt and on the side. I have experience with home improvement and plumbing, but this is the first whirlpool tub that I install.

Just to clarify-the first photo is from underneath the platform. Thanks again.