Greetings all, I know this is *technically* an electrical question but I think it's the closest I'm going to come to a perfect forum for asking this question.

I have a barn/woodshop that is about 100' from my house. The barn has electrical and natural gas running to it so that's all fine. What I would like to do is run out some Ethernet and Coax cable for computing and Television. I found a number of various posts in various locations talking about burying power cables in the ground and whether or not they needed to be run in conduit and the like--but really nothing about these "data" runs.

So, my question is just that: what would be the best plan for me to get the wire out to the barn? Direct burial cable not in a conduit? Burial in some form of PVC pipe? If so, how deep should each one be? Other things I'm not thinking of here?

Climate info: I live in SE Michigan.