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Thread: pulsaspeeder pump and marlo equipment versus culligan?

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    Default pulsafeeder pump and marlo equipment versus culligan?

    We plan to install a chlorine injection system followed by backwashing carbon filter followed by softener. The goal is to take care of coliform, iron bacteria, iron (less than 5 mg) and hardness (32 grains).

    Trying to decide between Culligan and an independent dealer who would use Marlo equipment with Clack heads. They have also suggested we consider a Pulsafeeder pump instead of Stenner to save $200.

    Your thoughts on Culligan versus Marlo? Stenner versus Pulsafeeder?

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    I would go with the independent dealer. I just don't like Stenner pumps and had to many problems with Pulsafers. With the Stenner you have to change the tube yearly and I had 3 Pulsafeeder motor go out within a year. It took them a month to determine it was under warranty. In the mean time my customers suffered. I think LMI makes the best pump. There only downside is it does not self prime so you have to make sure you don't run out of solution.

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    and in the other corner... I've had a Pulsafeeder pump for over 10 years with no problems, other than during a brief period when I negligently let the chlorine tank run dry. My neighbor has had a Stenner for 3 or 4 years and seems to be happy, although his principal maintenance tool is his checkbook. His dealer is pretty good, though. LMI pumps have impressive specs and are a lot prettier; don't know about costs.
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