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Thread: Global water problems get a fresh approach

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    Default Global water problems get a fresh approach

    Sim uses humor and sometimes shock — he has a series of slides that show people in poor countries defecating outside — to get people’s attention. But once he’s got it, the message is serious.
    “Two and half billion people don’t have access to a toilet,” says Sim, causing the giggles and groans of disgust to die down; “One and half million children die of diarrhea each year.”

    He believes that everyone in the world can have access to proper sanitation in 15 to 20 years — but only if companies start seeing the poor as potential customers and learn to sell toilets and sanitation systems to new markets in the developing world.
    “More factories and businesses are set up to supply only to the top- and the middle-class people,” says Sim.


    All day long we saw this. That's a common sewer ditch that he's using.
    Terry Love

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    Here is a water purifier that is helping poor countries. The guy that invented the Segway invented this.

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