What I actually do when I'm gone for two weeks, is leave some heat on, and the water.

I suppose a smarter thing to do would be to turn off the water too, and the gas to the water heater. I can alway relight when I get back.
Normally though, unless there is a power outage, you're going to be okay.

I have seen burst washer hoses that overnight put three inches of water in a basement.
I've seen a neighbors water heater go bad to the point that it ran down the hill to the home below them, and the river of water went into that home and caused damage.
I've seen the home with nine pipe splits. They were in California for the Winter and turned off all of the heat.
And tons of frozen pipe splits during our power outages around here in Winter.

On the hot water side freezing quicker. There is science behind that one. Though I find that observation will tell you it's happening on the hot side more, and if you ask around, there are text book types that will know the reason why. For the plumbers, it just gets drilled into you, as often you are repairing the hot side, and the cold side is okay. Two pipes side by side, one is split.

For years we knew a day was 24 hours by observing it. Once day we realized that the earth was spinning. That was science. Sometimes it takes a while to catch up to each other.
There was a time when science thought the world was flat.